More Information About (2019-nCoV)

Know More About Corona Virus

The Covid-19 virus is a member of the coronavirus family that made the jump from animals to humans late last year. Many of those initially infected either worked or frequently shopped in the Huanan seafood wholesale market in the centre of the Chinese city of Wuhan. Unusually for a virus that has made the jump from one species to another, it appears to transmit effectively in humans – current estimates show that without strong containment measures the average person who catches Covid-19 will pass it on to two others. The virus also appears to have a higher mortality rate than common illnesses such as seasonal flu. The combination of coronavirus’s ability to spread and cause serious illness has prompted many countries, including the UK, to introduce or plan extensive public health measures aimed at containing and limiting the impact of the epidemic.

Wash Your Hands For 20sec

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Cover Nose & Mouth When Sneezing

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Wear a Mask if Available

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More Information About (2019-nCoV)

What to do if you are sick

Stay home: People who are mildly ill with COVID-19 are able to recover at home. Do not leave, except to get medical care. Do not visit public areas.
Stay in touch with your doctor: Call before you get medical care. Be sure to get care if you feel worse or you think it is an emergency.
Avoid public transportation: Avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis.

Stay away from others: As much as possible, you should stay in a specific “sick room” and away from other people in your home. Use a separate bathroom, if available.
Limit contact with pets & animals: You should restrict contact with pets and other animals, just like you would around other people. Although there have not been reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19, it is still recommended that people with the virus limit contact with animals until more information is known. When possible, have another member of your household care for your animals while you are sick with COVID-19. If you must care for your pet or be around animals while you are sick, wash your hands before and after you interact with them. See COVID-19 and Animals for more information.

Corona Virus Symptoms

Check yourself regularly and keep an eye out on your family and friends.


Coughing & Sneezing

A dry cough is the first sign of having the virus, keep yourself quarantined

Strong Headacke

You may feel like you have  a migrane

Shortness of Breath

You may feel heavy breating

Hot Fever

Yo will start sweating and feel very hot 

Sore Throat

You may feel like something is stuck in your throught 

Kidney Failure

Constantly going to the toilet for whizz?