About Us


A Famly Business

You will see that we are operating from a number of countries under a number of Companies. But now to worry.
We are actually a garment/apparel manufacturer and wholsaler operating for over 30 years throughout Europe and the Far East. We are a family run business and now in our 3rd generation (waiting for the 4th to join). We have always supplied excellent stitched garments to the large and small brands and chain stores across the world. Just to name a few: H&M Group, Inditex Group, C&A, Arcadia Group, CNC, IDEE, Versace, Gina Tricot... and many more. The name we are mostly known by is Bodystretch, you can see here our sites and ask around about our history (Bodystretch / Bodystretch Bangladesh / Bodystretch TR Moda)
We are also co-founders and Trustees of charitable hospitals and charities across the worls know as The Diabetes Centre.
Only due to this Crisis we have decided to allocate a team and help supply protective products and give advice to the general public. We hope you support us in our causes and help spread the word to grow our network for the fight against the virus...
Thank you